My Books

I am currently the author of two horror novellas (Please read TW for Wildflowers):

Wildflowers, A Dark Fantasy/Horror Novella by Vanessa Perry

Wildflowers is a riveting tale that dives into the life of Charlotte.

Charlotte spends her time at her wooded cottage home looking after the house and taking care of her younger sisters, Anna and Sadie. While trying to manage a household, she suffers from abuse at the hand of her mother.

Ma has been depressed and grieving but, lately, things have gotten worse. Charlotte begins to wonder if something much more sinister is at play once strange things start happening in the home.

Charlotte fights her own demons and uncovers family secrets in a horrifying quest to get Ma back.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Child abuse (physical, verbal, emotional), grief, suicidal ideation, death, religious and spiritual themes.

The House on Peril Street, A Middle-Grade Horror Novella by Vanessa & Ryan Perry

Billy and his family move from bustling Chicago to quiet Peril Street in Virginia. Billy is sad to leave his friends and everything that he knows behind. Soon, he realizes that the new house is anything but normal, but his parents don't believe him when he tells them it's creepy. However, an uncanny friendship between Billy and his elderly neighbor gives Billy the courage to face his fears. Join Billy on this chilling adventure!

Written with my son, Ryan Perry, who was 9 at the time.

CONTENT WARNING: This is middle-grade horror but may not be appropriate for some children in terms of scariness.