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Happy New Year Pumpkins!

Happy New Year Pumpkins!

New year, new content! I am happy to announce that I have completely migrated from Substack and am using Ghost.io as a website & newsletter combo. I won't get into the whole Substack fiasco, but I don't vibe with it. Ghost.io seems preety damn awesome!

New Content

And a paid tier.

From now on, you can expect regular new content on the world of speculative fiction, books, writing, and more! With the FREE subscription, this will be delivered similar to Substack.

For those interested, there is a paid tier in which you become a beloved Pumpkin Eater. It's corny, I know! But listen. I love pumpkins. A character in my WIP loves pumpkins... and killing people. Not the point. With the PAID tier, you get exclusive access to videos, LIVE events, downloadable content for readers and writers alike (no additional cost), and discounts on past and future books and merch (COMING SOON- it won't be corny, mostly).


(Hint: No Good)

I got some books for Christmas! I am currently reading The Once & Future King, The Wheel of Time (Book 1), and I'm Glad My Mom Died. Yeah, I don't typically read THREE damn books at a time but...I'm loving it? They're all quite different so I don't get characters and plots confused!

I'm also getting a lot of video game time in. I FINALLY decided to try Witcher 3 and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (love them). I have like five PSVR2 games I've been into. And I am soon to try Baldur's Gate 3. Woohoo!

Fine, you want to know about what I'm writing. I am working on a horror/dark fantasy/grimdark poetry collection that is delightfully metaphoric. I suspect that will be (self)published soon. Though, I don't want to say when until I know. Maybe I'll just surprise yall! I am also STILL working on my WIP: the first book in (hopefully) a high, dark, epic fantasy series. It's a deliciously dark piratey tale with bloody seas of ice. Like fictional golden age of pirates in the Arctic with magic. Yeah, definitely will get a traditional publishing deal with that description. No joke, I don't even know if I want to attempt trad or stay selfpubbed yet. We'll see after I get lots of rejection letters.

That's about it, though! I promise, after this weird little "Welcome to my new website/newsletter" is out of the way, things shall be more exciting!

As always, I appreciate your support and hope you connect with me on Threads!